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We talked a lot in Ash Catches A Pokémon about Misty’s failure to confront her feelings for Ash. That seems a reoccurring character trait as it’s not just her love of Ash she can’t face but also her crippling insecurities and the burden of responsibility from being related to the Sensational Sisters of Cerulean City Gym. 

You can run from your feelings forever Misty!

It doesn’t help that her sisters see right through her “Doth protest too much!” act when it comes to her seething love of Ash. Also her sisters are jerks! Loving jerks as it turns out but they are SUPER mean.

Pikachu really lets Ash down when it matters. Choosing Misty over Ash in their big first battle (a thinly veiled reason for why Ash doesn’t just crush Misty due to the type advantage) is a huge betrayal. I am a fan of it to be honest, Ash should be embarrassed whenever possible but the poor guy can’t catch a break.

Or I guess he can catch a tonne of breaks because yet again he doesn’t win a Gym badge. Team Rocket interrupt with one of my favourite schemes of theirs!

They steal a giant machine and hose to suck the water out of the Gym and steal all the Pokémon. There’s really gotta be better and easier ways to scam people. Like, just mug people on the road or something. Or run people over with the giant machine they stole. I admire the hustle though because they really are triers. True commitment to their craft. They don’t phone in their chicanery. 

Ash foils the robbery and is awarded a Cascade Badge for his troubles. I’d like to think this is like pro wrestling and all these other trainers don’t want to do jobs to Ash so they have to find creative ways around these finishes.

Who knew being a Pokémon trainer was so easy? Lose your way to the top Ash! 

Stray Observations

– Who’s that Pokémon? It’s Seel! 

– Brock disappears for a large chunk of this episode only to pop up at the end. I’d like to think he is actually having a fling with Officer Jenny.

– Ash is 2-0 for winning badges via his most powerful attack – Pity!

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